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Attending college should be an exciting time for young adults as they examine potential careers, engage with new people, and look toward their future. Unfortunately, some students experience tragedy instead, suffering catastrophic injuries or even death on campus due to a college’s negligence in providing a safe and secure environment.
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If you or your child suffered a catastrophic injury or wrongful death at college, a college campus accident lawyer could help you make your case for compensation. A dedicated attorney can work with you to prove negligence, obtain compensation for your losses, and hold the university accountable. Our experienced college campus accident attorneys can represent clients from anywhere in the United States.

Premises Liability

    When students are seriously injured on a college campus, they might be entitled to bring a claim under premises liability laws. College administrators must provide a safe environment for their students, which includes maintaining buildings, fixing dangerous hazards, and using safe and stable equipment. Hazards such as uneven sidewalks, broken staircases, and slippery floors, among others, can cause serious injuries.

    Colleges could also be held liable for the actions of third parties. Depending on the specifics of state law, if a college bus service is involved in an accident due to the driver’s recklessness, for example, the college may be legally responsible. Theft or assault crimes may be the college’s responsibility if there was lax security or inadequate lighting on campus. This liability might not always be obvious to a student or parent, so it is wise to consult with a lawyer before taking further action.

    Types of College Campus Injuries

    Although educational institutions are generally thought to be safe environments, there are a number of events that could cause injury. Some of the most common situations that lead to college campus injures include:

    • Assault and theft
    • Hazing
    • Acts of violence
    • Sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and rape
    • Sports injuries
    • Alcohol-related accidents or alcohol poisoning
    • Serious pedestrian accidents

    While colleges owe some degree of care for students, that degree is not universal, and each state’s laws will differ. In general, negligence is the failure to act with a level of care that an ordinary person would do in that situation. In order to determine negligence, a college campus accident attorney must prove that the institution had a duty of care to the student in question; that there was a breach of duty; that the breach caused injuries; and those injuries led to damages that can be compensated for.

    Wrongful Death on College Campus

    Wrongful death occurs when someone’s negligence results in the death of another. A university could potentially be held liable for a student’s death if there were security lapses on campus, such as not employing enough campus security officers or failing to fix a building’s entry system. If a student reported fearing for their life, or passed along threatening messages from another person, the college may be held responsible for that student’s death if they did not take appropriate action regarding those claims. A college campus accident lawyer will work tirelessly to ensure accountability for a wrongful death event.

    Suicide on College Campus

    College suicides have been tragically rising in recent years. If a professor or administrator knows a student is depressed or suicidal and fails to reach out to ensure that student’s safety, the institution could be held liable for the student’s death. A parent who lost their child to suicide should contact a lawyer to start an immediate investigation as to whether the administration had a duty to do more to protect their students.

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    Hazing Accidents

    Death and severe injuries as a result of college hazing rituals are also increasing. The local fraternity or sorority chapters, the national organization, and the individual students involved are usually held responsible, while the university itself is generally not. However, the laws regarding responsibility could evolve as states try to put more pressure on schools.

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    After Sustaining Injuries

    When a college student suffers a catastrophic injury or untimely death, the family suffers both emotionally and financially. In many instances, this is the result of a negligent educational institution that had a duty to protect those who attend. If you suffered a serious injury while in the course of your academic experience, or if you are a parent who lost a child due to a dangerous situation, a college campus accident lawyer can represent you and hold the negligent party accountable. Discuss your case by contacting a KJK lawyer.

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