The Hazing Spectrum: Recognizing Acts of Hazing

National studies of student hazing have found that more than half of college students associated with clubs, teams or organizations experience hazing. Yet less than 10% of those who experience hazing actually call the activity an act of hazing. It is also estimated...

social media

Cyber Warning: Watch Out for Digital Hazing

Given that social media and the Internet have a significant influence on various aspects of students' lives, it is unsurprising that they also play a role in the occurrence of hazing too. Hazing no longer occurs behind closed doors; platforms such as YouTube and...

Issue 1

Update on the Legal Rights of Ohio Students

Issue 1 and the November Ballot Initiative  In the special election that took place in August 2023, Ohio voted against Issue 1. Issue 1 proposed requiring 60% of the vote to pass a constitutional amendment rather than a simple majority. Although not explicitly...

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