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The Student & Athlete Defense practice group at KJK regularly works with fraternities and Greek organizations, as well as other student groups to defend against hazing, drug offenses and assault allegations. Recently, we have also seen an increase in attacks on student organizations on the grounds that they discriminate based on membership. When this happens, we can work to protect your group’s freedom of association. 

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Finding an experienced attorney can be essential in maintaining your organization’s legacy on campus. Consequences of hazing and other allegations can include:

  • Being banned from campus 
  • Criminal charges for serious offenses 
  • Civil litigation and liability 
  • Suspension or expulsion
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What you should know:

Our Process


Our college organization defense lawyers will investigate the circumstances surrounding hazing and assault allegations, sometimes with the help of a private investigator. 

Policy Research

Our attorneys will thoroughly review your institution’s policies on student groups to make sure that all accusations are indeed explicitly against school policy.  

Navigate University Personnel

Understanding who can help your case within your school’s administration can be overwhelming, but our team can take care of that for you. And, if necessary, we can also procure records from your school to make sure that your organization’s treatment is in line with that of other organizations accused of similar offenses. 

Important to Know:

Questions to ask if your organization is involved in a misconduct investigation 

Do I need my own lawyer?

Sometimes when student organizations face charges, there can be a conflict of interest for the members involved. As a general rule, getting your own lawyer is the best way to ensure that your interests are protected. 

Typically, we advise that students get their own representation if: 

  1. Stories begin to not match up 
  2. The blame lies with one person 
  3. They feel pressured by their organization 
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Team Spotlight

Dayna Hloska- Title IX Advocate 

Dayna serves as a Title IX Advocate for Kohrman Jackson & Krantz, but has extensive experience working with Greek organizations to draft policies and practices that create more welcoming and safer environments. For more than 20 years, Dayna has advocated for, advised, mentored, educated and supported collegiate women in both public and private college/university settings. She has been a member of Delta Zeta for 26 years, and has served in a volunteer capacity with her sorority as a National Chapter Advisor, Membership Specialist, College Chapter Director, Membership Advisor, Risk Prevention and Education Advisor and Standards Advisor at numerous campuses throughout Ohio. 

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I was a member of a fraternity at a public university that was kicked off campus...

for reported hazing. My involvement with the fraternity was unaware of any misdeeds being done, and was shocked when the school charged me with failure to report hazing. Thats when I contacted Susan and Kristina, who were extremely helpful and wonderful to work with. Thanks to them they helped guide me through collecting proof of my innocence, which ended up leading to the result we wanted of no charges against me. I highly recommend their service to anyone who might need it!