Child being Bullied

What Should You Do if Your Special Needs Child is Bullied?

Rare are the parents who have not had their hearts crushed after their child comes home from school and reports being bullied by other children. We all want our children to feel accepted and included, whether it’s being asked to sit at a lunch table with friends or...

College Disciplinary Hearing

How to Prepare for a College Disciplinary Hearing

College disciplinary hearings can be confusing and overwhelming. After receiving a letter stating mandatory attendance to a misconduct hearing, many students are confused about their next steps, and decide to simply appear before a hearing board and hope for the...

Title IX

Does Title IX Apply to Off-Campus Housing?

We’re regularly asked if Title IX applies to sexual assault allegations that take place at off-campus housing. The answer is: it depends. Location alone isn’t what determines whether Title IX applies. According to 2021 Q&A from the Department of Education,...

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