Admitted Students Beware: College Policies, Including Title IX, Apply To You Too

May 6, 2024
college admission

Who do colleges and universities consider to be a student?

Who do colleges and universities consider to be a student? You may be surprised to hear the answer provided by some college institutions.

Under some university policies, the definition of a student goes beyond currently enrolled students to include admitted students, and even sometimes non-matriculated students. For this reason, admitted students are responsible for their conduct from the time of the application for admission through graduation.

The Responsibility of Admitted Students

Students and parents may wonder why this call out is important? A college or university has jurisdiction over the conduct of its students. Colleges or universities expect responsible social conduct that reflects positively on the college or university. Thus, admitted students are subject to the college or university’s Student Code of Conduct, Title IX, and other policies for any reported misconduct. This includes all conduct that occurs on campus or in conjunction with a college or university program or activity. It can also include conduct that occurs off campus when there is a potential threat posed to the campus and/or campus community or the behavior is deemed harmful to the colleges or university’s interests.

Your College Admission Can Be Revoked

What does this mean? Admitted students may be subject to Student Code of Conduct, Title IX, and other proceedings related to reported misconduct that occurs before the first day of classes. Our attorneys have directly worked on cases dealing with student conduct and Title IX proceedings that involve admitted high school students being subjected to an investigation, inquiry, hearing, or threat assessment. An admitted student may find their admission to a college or university revoked if they are found responsible for sexual or other misconduct and/or are deemed to pose a threat to the campus or campus community. In some instances, the revocation of admission cannot be appealed. It is the responsibility of each admitted student to be familiar with the college or university’s policies and procedures and conduct themselves in accordance with the same.

Students Should Understand Their Student Code of Conduct

How does this work on practical terms for parents and students? If your student spends time on a college campus over the summer, be mindful that the student should not engage in underage drinking. Remind your student to be careful on social media. And, for extra measure, pull out the student code of conduct and make sure your student understands the rules before college begins as fall will be here before we know it!

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