Student Cyber Crime Attorneys

KJK’s Criminal Defense Attorneys have strong roots defending students from cyber crime allegations, including hacking, sexting, child pornography, and online stalking or harassment. We understand that minors are especially vulnerable to committing these offenses, and we work to ensure that a path to justice is achieved for our clients. 
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How We Can Help

  • Defense Attorneys
  • Student Advisors
  • Use of Digital Forensics Experts

What you Should Know:

Our Process

With technology touching on nearly every aspect of people’s lives, most criminal cases involve digital evidence.  Kristina, Susan and their team understand digital forensics and the important role that forensics can play in any case.  Proper preservation and analysis of digital evidence, whether on a phone, computer, or social media account, is an important part of any comprehensive defense strategy.  When necessary, our student cyber crimes lawyers work with outside computer forensic experts with years of experience in the legal system. 

Important to Know:

Reputation Management Services
Besides trouble with the law, allegations of cyber crime can often have a tremendous negative impact on the reputation of the accused. Our skilled Reputation Management team defends and repairs the damaged reputation of our clients through strategic crisis navigation and legal guidance, online reputation management, cease and desist letters, defamation actions and more.
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Podcast Spotlight

KJK Attorneys Discuss Internet Addiction and Cyber Crime with Jay Berk, PhD  

Has your child become dependent on the internet or video games? Listen to Attorneys Susan Stone and Kristina Supler as they speak with renowned child psychologist Dr. Jay Berk about the steps parents can take to make sure their kids and teens are building safe relationships with technology. 

Important to Know:

Cheating & Plagiarism Have Gone Virtual
While not necessarily criminal, allegations of cheating and plagiarism are skyrocketing due to virtual learning environments. If you’ve been accused of academic misconduct during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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