Student Criminal Defense

Finding out your son or daughter is charged with a crime is news no parent wants to receive – whether your student is in college or a juvenille. Criminal charges are serious and can have long-term, devastating consequences on your college student’s future – both academic and beyond. It’s crucial that you don’t delay getting help.
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    What we can help with

    Our skilled team of attorneys can help protect your child’s future and reduce the potential consequences of campus-related crimes including: 

    • Possession or Distribution of Drugs 
    • Underage Drinking 
    • Underage Possession of Alcohol 
    • Possession of a Fake ID 
    • DUI / OVI 
    • Disorderly Conduct 
    • Assault 
    • Rape or Sexual Assault 
    • Stalking 
    • Hazing 
    • Indecent Exposure 
    • Theft or Shoplifting 
    • Vandalism or Property Crimes 
    • Traffic Violations 
    • Cyber or Computer Offenses 
    • Hate Crimes 
    • Weapons Offenses 

    Don’t gamble with your child’s future:

    Consequences of a Criminal Record

    Criminal records have consequences – even if they stem from a single mistake. Some charges could lead to being suspended or expelled from school. Others could mean large fines and jail time. Employers, graduate schools, banks, professional licensing organizations and other institutions regularly conduct background checks on applicants. Having a criminal record could impact your child’s financial aid and student loans, choice of graduate schools and careers, housing and employment.  A student criminal defense attorney can help.

    Important to Know:

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    If your college student has been charged with a crime, no matter how serious, the stakes are high and time is of the essence. Our experienced attorneys stand ready to aggressively build a defense in criminal court and help prepare your student for college or university disciplinary hearings while serving as their advocates. We understand the difficulties and unique complexities of navigating college crimes and are here to protect your child’s rights and future. 

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    Student Criminal Defense


    We will be forever grateful to you for engaging with us to assist our son...

    We cannot thank you enough for your prompt and professional services on our behalf. You accomplished an amazing feat in just a few months. We are so grateful. You followed up on every issue and kept us informed throughout the process. It has been wonderful working with such competent attorneys as you have been. We will be forever grateful to you for engaging with us to assist our son in this most difficult situation.