Student Sexual Misconduct Attorneys


If you’re a student facing allegations of sexual misconduct, having the right attorneys by your side can mean all the difference for your future. Consequences of such accusations can include suspension or expulsion, withdrawal of graduate school admissions offers, forfeiture of scholarships and serious criminal charges.

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    Who We Serve

    Our student sexual misconduct lawyers have experience representing students accused of the following types of sexual misconduct on campus: 

    • Sexual Assault 
    • Rape 
    • Flashing 
    • Voyeurism 
    • Sexual Harassment 

    Our Process

    The Best Defense for You

    Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced lawyers, and don’t assume that your school won’t harshly punish perceived sexual misconduct. Federal law requires that colleges and universities seriously investigate and take action against those who commit such infractions. 

    Important to Know:

    New Title IX Regulations

    New Title IX regulations released in 2020 restored due process rights to students accused of sexual misconduct. Read how KJK attorney Kristina Supler helped lead the charge for change as the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) Title IX Committee Chair

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    Important to know:

    Our Process



    Our local student sexual misconduct attorneys will investigate the circumstances surrounding hazing and assault allegations, sometimes with the help of a private investigator. 


    Understanding who can help your case within your school’s administration can be overwhelming; our team can take care of it. This helps to ensure that you due process rights are protected. 

    Criminal Defense

    If necessary, our attorneys will represent you in any criminal proceedings you might face. 

    Reputation Management

    Our team of attorneys and PR professionals can help to ensure that your character remains intact.