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School should provide an engaging environment for students to learn, connect with friends and envision their future. However, some students face tragic incidents, suffer severe injuries or even lose their lives due to the institution’s failure to provide a safe environment.

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Injured or Bereaved Due to College Incidents? 

Whether you or your child has suffered a severe injury or wrongful death on a college campus, a college campus accident lawyer can assist in building your case for compensation. A dedicated attorney can collaborate with you to establish negligence, secure compensation for your losses, and ensure accountability on the part of the university. Our seasoned college campus accident attorneys are available to serve clients nationwide. 

What you should understand:

Types of Injuries on campus

Although educational institutions are generally thought to be safe environments, there are a number of events that could cause injury. Some of the most common situations that lead to college campus injures include:

Alcohol-related Accidents

Alcohol-related accidents lead to severe physical injuries like broken bones and brain trauma, disrupting academic pursuits and causing long-term health repercussions. Social stigma and academic setbacks further compound the challenges for students involved. Legal liabilities may arise for schools if negligence in preventing alcohol-related harm is proven.

Bus Injuries & Accidents

Countless students depend on school buses for their daily commute to and from school. However, these buses can unfortunately become environments where students experience injuries, harassment and bullying. Ensuring the safety of students on buses is paramount, yet issues such as inadequate supervision, substandard maintenance, and overall negligence can contribute to harm. If your child has been subjected to bullying or harassment while riding the school bus, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our attorneys for assistance today.


Hazing is any activity expected of someone joining or participating in a group that humiliates, degrades, abuses, or endangers them, regardless of a person’s willingness to participate. Hazing can violate school policies and the law. State criminal law assigns varying degrees of severity to hazing, depending on the circumstances. It can result in misdemeanor or felony charges, and both individuals and organizations may face civil consequences. Legal claims may be made against officers of student organizations, and these officers can be liable for hazing, even if they were not present at an event.

Playground Injuries

Playground injuries are commonly viewed as a normal part of growing up. However, it’s important to note that these injuries often result from the negligence of others, whether it be inadequate supervision or the actions of another child. These incidents can have significant repercussions on a child’s wellbeing and ability to carry out daily activities. If your child has sustained an injury on the playground, you may be entitled to bring a claim for damages against the responsible party.

School Campus Bullying

Bullying is a concerning issue across the country, but its impact hits close to home when it affects your child. Statistics reveal that about 30% of students in grades 6-12 face bullying. This behavior can deeply affect a student’s well-being, sometimes resulting in self-harm. Victims may suffer emotional distress and other damages. If your child has experienced bullying at school, and the bullying has been reported to the school to place the school on notice, exploring your options for recourse against the school or district may be necessary.

Sexual assault, sexual misconduct and rape

Victims of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, or rape often endure profound physical and psychological trauma, impacting their academic performance and overall well-being. Emotional distress, including anxiety, depression, and PTSD, can hinder their ability to engage in school activities and form relationships. Such incidents disrupt education, causing absenteeism and affecting safety perceptions on campus. Legal action may be pursued against perpetrators or institutions.

Suicide on College Campus

College suicides have been tragically rising in recent years. If a professor or administrator knows a student is depressed or suicidal and fails to reach out to ensure that student’s safety, the institution could be held liable for the student’s death. A parent who lost their child to suicide should contact a lawyer to start an immediate investigation as to whether the administration had a duty to do more to protect their students. 

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death occurs when someone’s negligence results in the death of another. A university could potentially be held liable for a student’s death if there were security lapses on campus, such as not employing enough campus security officers or failing to fix a building’s entry system. If a student reported fearing for their life, or passed along threatening messages from another person, the college may be held responsible for that student’s death if they did not take appropriate action regarding those claims. A college campus accident lawyer will work tirelessly to ensure accountability for a wrongful death event. 

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Something to consider:

Understanding Civil Claims for Criminal Acts

In cases where a criminal act has occurred, a civil claim can be pursued to seek compensation or justice outside of the criminal justice system. This allows victims to hold the responsible party accountable for damages or losses suffered as a result of the criminal act.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my child has been a victim of hazing at school?

If your child has experienced hazing at school, it’s crucial to document the incident and seek legal guidance immediately. Our firm has extensive experience handling hazing cases and can help you navigate the legal process to hold the responsible parties accountable.

What steps should I take if my child is being bullied at school?

A: If your child is experiencing bullying at school, it’s essential to take action promptly. Document instances of bullying, report them to school authorities, and ensure your child receives appropriate support and protection. If the school fails to address the issue adequately, consulting with a school injury attorney can help explore legal options for holding the school accountable and ensuring your child’s safety.

What types of injuries are commonly experienced on school campuses?

School campuses can be settings for various types of injuries, including hazing-related incidents, sexual assault or misconduct, alcohol-related accidents, bullying, playground injuries, bus accidents, wrongful deaths, and suicides. Each of these situations may warrant legal action, and a school injury attorney can help assess your case.

How can I schedule a consultation with a school injury attorney?

If you or your child has suffered a school-related injury or incident and you’re considering legal action, scheduling a consultation with a school injury attorney is the first step. Contact our firm to discuss your case and explore your legal options. Our experienced attorneys are here to provide compassionate support and effective representation for you and your family.

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Consult with a College Campus Accident Attorney after sustaining injuries

When a college student suffers a catastrophic injury or untimely death, the family suffers both emotionally and financially. In many instances, this is the result of a negligent educational institution that had a duty to protect those who attend. If you suffered a serious injury while in the course of your academic experience, or if you are a parent who lost a child due to a dangerous situation, a college campus accident lawyer can represent you and hold the negligent party accountable. Discuss your case by contacting a KJK lawyer.