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Title IX & Campus Misconduct
Title IX
Our attorneys work closely with students and professors facing Title IX allegations involving sexual assault, sexual harassment and intimate partner violence – including cases where a coordinated criminal defense is also needed. Our goal is to protect the academic transcript, career and reputation of our clients.
Campus Misconduct
Colleges and universities can have hundreds of rules and regulations that students are expected follow while on campus. A student that is being punished unfairly by their institutions’ gambit of rules can rely on our experienced team to pursue due process and a reasonable outcome. 
Academic & Scientific Research Misconduct
Our team protects graduate students, professors and scientists facing allegations of research misconduct and scientific fraud. Collaborating with leading subject-matter experts to help unravel the substantive allegations, we are armed and ready to build a defense.
Undergraduate Academic Disciplinary Misconduct
Our attorneys help undergraduate students accused of cheating, plagiarism and other allegations of academic dishonesty. We collaborate with subject matter experts and navigate college administrations to help protect our clients’ academic records.  
College Organization Defense
Has your Greek organization or student group been cited for a campus code violation? Our team defends college organizations accused of a variety of offenses, including hazing, drug and alcohol violations and sexual assault. 
Student Sexual Misconduct
Our team has invaluable experience defending students in both criminal cases and administrative proceedings. Click below for information on how we help those accused of sexual harassment, assault, rape and more. 
Faculty Sexual Misconduct
In addition to social stigma and possible criminal charges resulting from sexual misconduct allegations, faculty members have the added weight of ruining their chances of further work in academia. Our team works tirelessly to help our clients keep their character intact. 
K-12 Student Defense
Defending students of all ages, our team is here to make sure your family is given fair treatment when it comes to disciplinary actions issued by your school district. It is our mission to ensure students and their families are heard and receive a fair process.