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Join Kohrman Jackson & Krantz Student & Athlete Defense attorneys Susan Stone and Kristina Supler for some “real talk” regarding everything from consent, Title IX and #MeToo to mental health, autism, bullying and hazing, social media pitfalls, academic integrity, special education, student discipline and misconduct, navigating police encounters and staying out of trouble. They’re full-time moms and attorneys with extensive national experience when it comes to Title IX cases, and have been called on by various organizations and publications to share insight in this area, particularly in the context of the #MeToo conversation

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Real Talk: How Can Parents Address Bullying?

In this week's episode of 'Real Talk,' Susan and Kristina dive deep into the topic of bullying. Discovering that your child is either being bullied or is the one doing the bullying can be incredibly challenging for parents. However, it's crucial to be informed....

Real Talk: Decoding Teen Slang

In this week's episode of 'Real Talk,' Susan and Kristina take on the daunting task of deciphering the ever-changing slang of today's kids. From navigating linguistic rollercoasters to tackling new words and phrases that pop up daily, they show that staying in the...

Real Talk: Parenting Through Tough Conversations

Welcome to Real Talk with Susan and Kristina! In this episode, we’ll dive into the importance of addressing uncomfortable topics with your children. Join us as we explore why these difficult conversations are crucial for your child's well-being and navigating...

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