Expanding Pseudonym Filings Beyond Title IX Lawsuits

January 8, 2022
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Moving John Doe Off Campus: Expanding Pseudonym Filings Beyond Title IX Lawsuits

We sue educational institutions when our clients have been wrongfully expelled or suspended for violating a college’s Title IX sexual misconduct policy. When we file these federal lawsuits, we do not file under our client’s real name. Rather, we file under a John Doe pseudonym to protect the identity of our client. We also use pseudonyms for any other students identified in the lawsuit. For reasons involving the privacy of educational records, our ability to file under a pseudonym is generally unopposed by educational institutions and accepted by courts.

But what about non-student adults accused of sexual misconduct? Should they be able to file as John Doe plaintiffs? Read more…


If you or a loved one has been falsely accused of sexual misconduct, our experienced Title IX attorneys are here to help. In these cases, moving quickly is crucial. Contact us as soon as you become aware of accusations.