KJK Partner Kristina Supler Discusses Title IX Office Reports with The GW Hatchet

December 8, 2022
George Washington University

In a recent article published by the GW Hatchet, KJK Title IX Attorney, Kristina Supler, sat down with Avril Silva and Sophia Goedert to discuss GW’s first annual Title IX Office report and what the numbers reveal.

Explaining both the benefits and misconceptions of Title IX reporting , Kristina was mentioned below:

Kristina Supler – a Title IX attorney at the Kohrman, Jackson and Krantz law firm – said GW’s Title IX report and similar efforts by universities raise awareness about Title IX and the resources like advisers, mental health services and new housing accommodations available to students. She said collecting and sharing data is useful, but reporting “numbers don’t always capture the whole picture” of students’ experiences because many victims do not report incidents to authorities.


The U.S. Department of Education released proposed changes to Title IX regulations in June to broaden the legal definition of sexual harassment and discrimination and include protections for LGBTQ+ students and eliminate discrimination against pregnant students and employees. GW officials are currently preparing to mandate Title IX training for faculty and staff pending the approval of the Biden’s administration’s changes to Title IX.


“We have noticed a real growth in student understanding and awareness of Title IX and campus safety issues,” Supler said. “That’s really a good thing so that students can advocate for themselves and others and everyone can be a good bystander to keep each other safe.”

Read the full article, as originally published by The GW Hatchet, here.