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Across the United States, students on the autism spectrum attend colleges and universities every year, working just as hard and achieving just as much academic success as any other student. Unfortunately, the struggles that some autistic individuals have with communication and the interpretation of social cues can lead to misunderstandings between them and their neurotypical classmates, and those misunderstandings can lead to Title IX complaints.
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If you are a faculty member or graduate student who has been accused of research misconduct, learn more about how our Academic & Scientific Research Misconduct group can help.

If your child is on the autism spectrum and currently dealing with allegations of sexual misconduct or misconduct on a school campus, seeking help from a compassionate campus misconduct attorney with experience handling unique situations like this may be crucial to achieving a positive case resolution. An autism misconduct allegations lawyer can advocate on your behalf to protect your child’s rights, bridge the potential communication gaps, and articulate to a university how a student with autism can mishandle social communication with other students.



Although some people with autism display high level abilities in math, music, or memory recall, most individuals with this condition simply have a different way of interacting with the world due to small but substantial differences in the way their brains process information. Students on various levels of the autism spectrum can maintain normal and productive lives without much difficulty, with few negative effects—if any—on their grades in school, their capacity to hold employment, or their ability to engage in an active social life on campus, especially when students receive effective early intervention when younger.

However, many autistic individuals find interpreting facial expressions, identifying changes in vocal tone, and recognizing the faces of friends at first glance to be challenging. While they can often overcome those challenges with patience and empathy from others, they may lead to situations that make other students uncomfortable or confused by certain behaviors.

In light of the stricter definitions that Title IX regulations now enforce for sexual assault and affirmative consent, there have been cases where a miscommunication or misinterpretation by an autistic student has led to a Title IX claim. Representation from an autism misconduct allegations attorney who understands the unique aspects of this disability can help translate how an autistic student interprets a situation. This may be crucial to avoiding penalties stemming from a Title IX investigation.

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Neurodivergent students require an attorney who understands how disabilities manifest on behavior. This approach applies not just to Title IX rules, but also to campus policies regarding accommodations for students with disabilities.

Just as they would provide assistance for a student with decreased mobility to get to class on time, it is incumbent upon school administrators and faculty members to understand the challenges that autistic students may face in certain social settings and accommodate them as much as possible. Beyond just helping to address active Title IX investigations, a lawyer who is familiar with autism misconduct accusations could also ensure that misunderstandings on the part of professors or residence hall supervisors do not disproportionately harm students on the autism spectrum. Sometimes students simply need to register with a college’s office of disabilities and request the correct accommodations.


The increased emphasis in recent years on the enforcement of Title IX policies and protections has also led to autistic students being accused of harassment on a number of occasions. This has sometimes been based on a gap in communication or a missed social cue, rather than any intention by that student to cause harm or make anyone uncomfortable. Our firm has handled charges of stalking, sexual harassment, and non-consensual sexual behavior.

Resolving these complex situations can be made much easier with assistance from a knowledgeable autism misconduct allegations lawyer. Call KJK today for a private consultation. We accept cases from all over the country.

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