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College is stressful and students may be tempted to use various coping mechanisms to help them manage their classwork and on-campus responsibilities. Unfortunately, many universities are often quick to act when it comes to issuing accusations of drug use against their student body. If the situation is passed on to law enforcement, the potential fallout can be severe.

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Faculty Member or Graduate Student?

If you are a faculty member or graduate student who has been accused of research misconduct, learn more about how our Academic & Scientific Research Misconduct group can help.

If you are facing accusations of drug possession or drug abuse, do not panic. You can address these allegations with the help of a drug lawyer from KJK. They can provide you with the resources and support you need to fight back against these charges. A dependable student defense attorney can also assist you with a simultaneous campus misconduct hearing if one arises.

Criminal Charges for Drug Possession and Use

While the push to legalize drugs like marijuana has changed states’ responses to some drug use, the use of most mind-altering substances is still considered illegal in many states. Students who are accused of drug possession, sale, or use may face criminal charges before their universities decide to take action against them. But not all drug charges are the same.


Some drugs are considered to be less dangerous than others. Use of marijuana, for example, tends to lead to misdemeanor charges for students. Even those believed to be in possession of harder drugs may only face misdemeanor charges if it is their first time being accused. Subsequent accusations can result in more severe sanctions.


Students may face felony charges if they are caught possessing or using harder drugs. This can include cocaine or methamphetamine. Misdemeanors may also be elevated to felonies if a student is believed to have engaged in other illegal behaviors while under the influence of drugs. These behaviors can include:

  • Resisting law enforcement with a vehicle
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Battery
  • Burglary
  • Weapons violations

Students facing these charges must defend themselves against both the drug charge and the associated charge(s) when they go to court.

Additional Legal Consequences

A student’s legal consequences will vary based on whether or not they face misdemeanor or felony charges. Both offense levels can result in fines, jail time, and license suspensions. Students accused of possessing, using, or selling harder drugs may even face time in prison.

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How a Drug Lawyer Could Help

When you learn of possible criminal consequences after an allegation, it is in your best interest to call a legal professional as soon as possible. We can immediately begin gathering evidence to work towards the dismissal of charges. If a dismissal cannot be obtained, we work towards a reduction of the offense level and accompanying penalties.

Important to Know:

COVID-19: Cheating & Plagiarism

Allegations of cheating and plagiarism are skyrocketing due to virtual learning environments imposed by COVID-19. If you’ve been accused of academic misconduct during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Enough cannot be said for how helpful KJK was ...

for me during my allegation process. Susan and Kristina were extremely knowledgeable and passionate toward my specific case. They consistently had steps of action to take in my defense and were extremely flexible when working with me. They helped prepare me, both mentally and emotionally, prior to my hearing. Thanks to their hard work, I now have my future back.”

– Successfully defended a pre-med undergraduate student for alleged cheating on a physics lab report and showed that the professor had made a critical error in basic mathematics

Susan and Kristina are great lawyers.

They helped me resolve an extremely difficult academic dishonesty accusation case against me at the university level. They had helpful ideas and were persistent in making sure my defense was the best it could be. They were creative in their way of utilizing outside resources that helped achieve a positive outcome. Good, prompt responses to my questions. I highly recommend them!