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Collin’s Law Increases Penalties for Hazing Rituals

UPDATE: Oct. 7, 2021: Ohio's Collin's Law is now officially in effect, toughening the state's hazing violations. "This bill says that going forward, hazing in the state of Ohio is simply not tolerated," said Gov. Mike DeWine.  Collin's Law expands the definition of...

College Board No Longer Offering SAT Subject Tests or Writing

College Board No Longer Offering SAT Subject Tests or Writing

On January 19th, 2021, the College Board shook the college admission community with news that it is no longer offering Subject Tests or the writing component of the SAT. Already the current class of 2022 is feeling the pressure of not knowing what the admission...


COVID-19: Campus Visits & The Admission Process

With college campuses shut down across the country due to COVID-19 coronavirus, it is impossible for prospective students to visit campuses and attend information sessions. They will be unable to observe the school’s culture, get a sense of the academic rigor or...

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College Bound: The Best Universities for Students With Autism

Sending a child to college is often an anxiety-provoking prospect. There are so many unanswered questions that plague parents. Will their child be independent enough? Do they have the skills and resources needed to navigate a campus and a whole new social structure...

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