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Collin’s Law Increases Penalties for Hazing Rituals

UPDATE: Oct. 7, 2021: Ohio's Collin's Law is now officially in effect, toughening the state's hazing violations. "This bill says that going forward, hazing in the state of Ohio is simply not tolerated," said Gov. Mike DeWine.  Collin's Law expands the definition of...

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Landscape Does Not Level the Playing Field

It wasn’t too long ago that the College Board, the company that administers the SAT, decided to include an adversity rating that is sent to colleges. The adversity score is intended to, in some way, level the playing field. We recently blogged about this score and...

Adversity Does Not Measure Disability

Each year, more than 2 million students sit for the SAT. The scores are then reported to colleges and universities and added to the applicant’s file, which also includes transcripts, letters of recommendations and the Common Application. Recently, the College...

Common Application

College Common Application Drops Criminal History Questions

For years, the Ban the Box movement has argued that asking criminal history questions on employment applications prevents low income minorities from gaining employment and obtaining a fresh start. Likewise, removing criminal history questions on the Common...

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