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An accusation resulting in a Title IX violation can severely affect your studies and your future career. It is crucial to choose an attorney who has the necessary knowledge and experience to help students through the campus process.

 You can defend your right to access to your education and protect your future with the help of our Title IX lawyer in Charleston, SC. KJK Title IX Lawyers have represented students all over California and nationwide facing Title IX allegations.

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Title IX

Possible Consequences of Title IX Accusations

According to Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance are not permitted to carry out discriminatory acts based on gender. A Title IX Lawyer in Charleston, SC can help you avoid these consequences and maximize the chances of a better outcome for your case.

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    • Suspension

    A suspension is a serious interruption of studies, which can affect your future plans, including the possibility of being accepted by other universities for further studies. A gap in your academic transcript would not only make it difficult for you to transfer to another school but will also impact your ability to pursue graduate studies. Ultimately, a suspension affects your career prospects and other lifelong opportunities. 

    If you want to transfer to another university, they will ask for a signed FERPA form to release your records, which will include records of discipline. If you refuse to sign the release, they may not consider your application. 

    • Expulsion

    If you were to be expelled, it will show up on your college transcript. You will need to address your violation during an application process with a new prospective college. If you don’t disclose your disciplinary action and the school finds out about it from elsewhere, the school can revoke your acceptance.  

    • Degree Revocation

    Some schools also reserve the right to revoke a student’s degree upon a finding of a Title IX (or related student misconduct) violation. 

    • Loss of Athletic Scholarship and Other Financial Assistance

    As part of Title IX, all-female and male student-athletes may be entitled to scholarship awards proportional to their involvement in sports. If a student is found to have committed serious misconduct that requires a disciplinary penalty or renders themselves ineligible for intercollegiate competition, then the college can reduce or cancel the scholarship, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Likewise, students receiving other forms of financial assistance are also at risk of losing that support.   

    • Loss of Eligibility

    Students accused of Title IX violations, such as sexual harassment, may lose their eligibility to participate in college athletics. This could affect them not just academically, but also athletically and financially in terms of loss of scholarships or professional opportunities.

    • Loss of Leadership Positions and Other Areas of Distinction

    A Title IX finding of responsibility can result in a student being removed from leadership positions in student organizations or other programs. For example, a cadet participating in an ROTC program may face a disenrollment proceeding which could result in a loss of an academic scholarship, immediate repayment of the previously awarded scholarship and forfeiture of a military commission.       

    How We Can Help

    Our team of attorneys offers counsel and student advising for college students. We will participate in disciplinary hearings, Title IX investigations and criminal court if you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony associated with your misconduct.

    Title IX Investigations

    Your rights under Title IX allow you to be included in all aspects of the investigation of your case.

    The investigation process includes:

    • Notifying all parties involved
    • Gathering evidence
    • Reviewing all information
    • Writing a report of findings

    You are allowed to have an advisor of your choice, like a lawyer, present at all your meetings. Title IX gives you the right to review evidence gathered against you, and you will receive a copy of the investigation report when it is complete. 

    Investigations typically last around 60 days but may take longer if the allegations are more complex. There are no laws requiring the investigation to be completed in that time frame. The DOE Office for Civil Rights states the length of the investigation will vary depending on the number of incidents, complainants and witnesses.

    Hold Colleges Accountable and Ensure You Receive Due Process and Fundamental Fairness

    Due process is the set of rules to ensure all individuals involved in disputes are treated fairly. An attorney will protect your due process rights by making sure your college follows the federal guidelines. Our lawyers’ trial experience translates to a strong defense for you during the investigation and hearing.


    Both party’s advisors can question witnesses and the other party about the alleged incident at a hearing. All questions must be relevant to the case, and advisors cannot ask questions about the complainant’s past sexual behavior. Cross-examination is an effective tool in testing the credibility of witnesses. 

    Hiring an attorney is beneficial in many ways. Here are some of the services your lawyer provides to help win your case:

    • Gathering Evidence

    A lawyer will help you collect evidence and find witnesses of the alleged incident to obtain their statements. Your lawyer will help you prepare for your interview as well as your opening statement for a Title IX hearing.

    • Preventing and Pursuing Retaliation Claims

    Any attempt to contact your accuser can be considered retaliation. Your lawyer will advise you not to email, text or see your accuser in person. You can also be responsible if a third party contacts your accuser. Similarly, if anyone retaliates against you merely due to the nature of the allegations in the Title IX case, your lawyer will assist in pursuing a retaliation claim on your behalf. 

    • Civil Suit Defense

    Title IX violations can be used against you in a civil suit. You may be sued for damages by your accuser, even if you were not found responsible for a policy violation. Your attorney can help defend you in litigation.

    • Defense Against Criminal Charges

    Our lawyers are experienced at handling misdemeanor and felony criminal charges in court. If you are found in violation of a school policy and charged with a crime like sexual assault, your attorney already knows the details of your case and can help you mount a strong defense.

    • Reputation Management & Content Removal

    An attorney can work on repairing your reputation so that you can put the allegations behind you. Our team assists in reputation management by preparing a narrative to present to the court of public opinion. You don’t want allegations of sexual misconduct impacting your chances of future employment or your ability to enroll in higher education programs. An attorney can also assist in having defamatory online content removed.

    Hire a Charleston Title IX Lawyer You Can Rely On

    Our lawyers at KJK will help you navigate your school’s procedures regarding Title IX violations and any potential criminal charges. To find out how we can help you with your Title IX case, fill out our online contact form.

    Charleston Title IX Attorney

    Title IX accusations can have damaging effects on the student that is being put through an investigation. It can not only affect the studies of the student but can also carry into their career. Title IX is very serious, and you need to have appropriate representation for a proper defense. As Title IX attorneys in Charleston, we offer Title IX legal services to help with the process. We will be there through the investigation and even provide our own investigation. 

    The ramifications, if found guilty of a Title IX violation, can have a lifelong effect on the student’s life. This can lead to suspension and expulsion from the school. However, the student will have a difficult time finding another school that will accept them. There can be financial losses due to the loss of athletic scholarships or financial assistance.  

     Colleges and Universities in Charleston

    College is supposed to be a great time full of many growing and learning experiences.  Finding a college that suits the needs of your student is important not only for the degree they want to pursue but also socially.  Be sure to take the time to go over what the campus is like and what types of activities there are there for your student to participate in and grow.  Also, what the job market in the area looks like is important as well.

    Some colleges and universities that you will find in Charleston are:

    In fact, there are approx. 14 public and private colleges in the city that include state colleges, law schools, universities, and art schools.  Charleston is also known to be one of the top military institutions.  

    Fun Facts About Charleston

    Charleston has a lot going for it. Just 213 miles South of Greenville, and 116 miles South of Columbia. Many of the founders of the College of Charleston were founding fathers that were a big part of the Revolutionary war.  In fact, many were also signers of the Declaration of Independence.  This school was founded in 1770 and is the 13th oldest school in the US.

    Charleston was originally settled in 1670, which was only 50 years after Plymouth Rock was found!  While this isn’t spoken about a lot in the history books, Charleston is one of the older communities in the US.  It became a city in 1783.    

    Because of its history and being founded so early, there are many firsts found in Charleston.  Some of these are the first golf club, founded in 1786, and one of the first theaters, founded in 1773.   This was also where the first paid art museum director started, in 1920.  

    Charleston was where the first shots were fired for the civil war.  That’s right, this is where the civil war started, at Fort Sumter in 1861 to be exact.

    There is a fountain in Waterfront Park that is famous for its pineapple look. This look is very popular throughout the city as it is a symbol of hospitality and dates back to the 1600s.  This came from the times when captains that were at sea for a long while would put a pineapple on their porch to let others know they were home and up for a visit.  

    Parks in Charleston

    Charleston is beautiful area that has amazing weather year around.  Because of this, many people enjoy going to the park.  There are many parks in the area, some of which are:

    • Pitt Street Bridge 
    • Hampton Park
    • Britlebank Park
    • Palmetto Island County Park
    • Charles Towne Landing
    • Charleston Waterfront Park
    • Folly Beach County Park
    • James Island County Park
    • Pickett Bridge Re. Area and Pitt Street Bridge
    • Battery Park and White Point Gardens
    • Marion Square
    • Hampton Park
    • More

    These beautiful parks have something for everyone from playgrounds and hiking trails to beautiful scenery.  At Marion Square, you will find a farmer’s market during the season and there is also a Wine and Food Festival that happens there.  You will find loads of history in Battery Park and White Point Gardens as this offers a wonderful place to take in the scenery around you.  There are many historical points here. This place has seen its share of war.  Here you will also find amazing views of the Ravenel Bridge and antebellum historic homes.

    While you are enjoying yourself, leave your case up to a qualified Title IX Attorney in South Carolina Call today.

Peer Advice

A Client’s Tips For Facing A Title IX Investigation


For students who may be involved in a Title IX or related matter, I offer the following tips. First, I recommend that you call a Title IX lawyer before you make any other move. Following that step, one should consider staying away from public statements on the matter. I also recommend that this public silence be countered with engagement in therapy and frequent self-care. Similarly, reach out to the appropriate contact at your school to coordinate supportive measures so that you may continue with your academics. Establishing a list of hobbies and rituals to ground myself was incredibly helpful throughout the ups and downs of the case.

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We will be forever grateful to you for engaging with us to assist our son...

We cannot thank you enough for your prompt and professional services on our behalf. You accomplished an amazing feat in just a few months. We are so grateful. You followed up on every issue and kept us informed throughout the process. It has been wonderful working with such competent attorneys as you have been. We will be forever grateful to you for engaging with us to assist our son in this most difficult situation.

Kristina and Susan are very competent ...

and experienced attorneys in Title IX and higher education law who treat their clients with integrity and compassion. Highly recommend this team!

Susan Stone and Kristina Supler represented our male college freshman...

against a false Title IX claim of non-consensual sexual intercourse. Current Title IX laws are strongly slanted in the accuser’s favor, and our son was denied due process by the university. This legal team expertly highlighted the accuser’s false accusations, while exposing the university’s many inconsistencies. They were there when we needed them – quick to take our phone calls or respond to our questions and concerns. Without their expert legal advice, our son would have likely been another silent and unfortunate victim of current Title IX university policies. We give Susan and Kristina the highest of recommendations!

I was a member of a fraternity at a public university...

that was kicked off campus for reported hazing. My involvement with the fraternity was unaware of any misdeeds being done, and was shocked when the school charged me with failure to report hazing. That’s when I contacted Susan and Kristina, who were extremely helpful and wonderful to work with. Thanks to them they helped guide me through collecting proof of my innocence, which ended up leading to the result we wanted of no charges against me. I highly recommend their service to anyone who might need it!

You are the utmost professional counselor...

On behalf of my family and me, I would like to thank you for the excellent guidance you provided to us. You are the utmost professional counselor. We are grateful for your expertise during a difficult time.


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KJK’s Student & Athlete Defense practice group is here to protect your child’s future. Defending students of all ages, our team is here to make sure your family is given fair treatment when it comes to disciplinary actions issued by your school district. 

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