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Obtaining a college education is often the key to a successful career. It is expected that students will do their own original work to earn a degree. To further this goal, many colleges and universities employ honor codes that prohibit plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic dishonesty. To enforce these codes, schools may set up investigatory committees and disciplinary hearings to deal with supposed incidents of cheating. Students who have received notice of a potential violation will need to act quickly to protect themselves from suspension, expulsion, or even the loss of scholarship money. This likely requires the work of a Cleveland undergraduate academic misconduct lawyer. A trustworthy student attorney can assemble exculpatory evidence and protect your rights every step of the way.

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If you are a faculty member or graduate student who has been accused of research misconduct, learn more about how our Academic & Scientific Research Misconduct group can help.

Unique Rules for Each University

To ensure that students engage in academic honesty regarding their coursework, colleges and universities define prohibited activities in their honor codes. Cheating, plagiarism, buying or selling work, and other dishonest practices are forbidden. The code must also describe the system for investigating and punishing improper conduct so that there is not a different set of rules for different people.

Each institution will handle these events in its own way. For many students, these investigations can suffer from a serious lack of due process. Accused students might have limited access to the evidence in the case, be unable to cross-examine the party (typically a professor) that is accusing them of cheating, or struggle to provide evidence of their own.

A Cleveland undergraduate academic misconduct attorney understands that a lack of due process is a major problem for those whose opportunity to get an education hangs in the balance. A lawyer’s goal is to ensure compliance with university policies, advocate for due process, and work with their client to achieve a reasonable resolution.

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Helping Students Facing Allegations of Academic Misconduct

Undergrads face an uphill battle when they are given notice of apparent academic misconduct. There are steps that students can take with the help of an attorney to increase their chances of acquittal or to reduce the severity of a potential punishment.

The first area in which an attorney can help is by explaining the rules that govern the investigation. The rules will be unique and will require a customized plan that a student and their parents will likely be unable to come up with in their own research. A lawyer can also uncover evidence that may help their case. This might include proof that the apparent cheating was no more than an honest mistake, or a reasonable explanation as to why an incident of plagiarism was not an academic violation.

Finally, an undergraduate academic violation attorney in Cleveland can put pressure on the disciplinary committee follows its own rules. While due process in these cases can be limited in certain areas, if a committee fails to follow these rules it may be possible to argue for a vacated ruling to avoid punishment. A student might not recognize if their rights are being violated or know how to proceed, but a lawyer has the experience and authority to demand compliance.

Let a Cleveland Undergraduate Academic Misconduct Attorney Protect Your Future

Allegations of cheating in one of Cleveland’s colleges or universities are always a cause for concern. At the very least, a disciplinary finding may lead to a failing grade for a course that requires an extended stay in school. More serious allegations could lead to temporary or permanent removal from the university. You cannot afford to face a disciplinary hearing without an advisor at your side.

Contact a Cleveland undergraduate academic misconduct lawyer as soon as you can. A lawyer from KJK can explain your rights in these situations, gather evidence to help your case, and, if possible, present your argument in person at a disciplinary hearing. Call us today so we can start working for you.

Important to Know:

COVID-19: Cheating & Plagiarism

Allegations of cheating and plagiarism are skyrocketing due to virtual learning environments imposed by COVID-19. If you’ve been accused of academic misconduct during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Enough cannot be said for how helpful KJK was ...

for me during my allegation process. Susan and Kristina were extremely knowledgeable and passionate toward my specific case. They consistently had steps of action to take in my defense and were extremely flexible when working with me. They helped prepare me, both mentally and emotionally, prior to my hearing. Thanks to their hard work, I now have my future back.”

– Successfully defended a pre-med undergraduate student for alleged cheating on a physics lab report and showed that the professor had made a critical error in basic mathematics

Susan and Kristina are great lawyers.

They helped me resolve an extremely difficult academic dishonesty accusation case against me at the university level. They had helpful ideas and were persistent in making sure my defense was the best it could be. They were creative in their way of utilizing outside resources that helped achieve a positive outcome. Good, prompt responses to my questions. I highly recommend them!