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Academic misconduct occurs when a student or group of students acts in a way that intentionally gives that student an unfair academic advantage. Allegations of misconduct are widespread in high school as well as college. In some of these cases, the consequences could be steep – meaning schools can impose a range of discipline, ranging from a failing grade to even expulsion.

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Thus, if a student has been accused of academic misconduct, their educational future is in jeopardy. Without assistance from an experienced student attorney, even innocent students could face the consequences of a disciplinary hearing. A Columbus academic misconduct lawyer can help a student properly rebut allegations of wrongdoing in the classroom. We also offer our services during an inquiry or investigation from an institution’s Office of Research Integrity.

Types of Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct can take several different forms. Some acts of misconduct constitute an intentional effort to obtain an unfair advantage. Others involve students carelessly violating rules regarding plagiarism. An academic misconduct lawyer in Columbus can help a student be prepared to challenge these allegations in a disciplinary hearing.


One of the most common types of academic misconduct is plagiarism, which is when a student takes the ideas, writing, or thoughts of another person and tries to pass them off as their own. Self-plagiarism also exists: this practice involves a student who submits the same piece of original work for multiple classes, which violates the student code of conduct. While many people think of plagiarism as directly copying another person’s written works, it can also be more subtle. In some cases, plagiarism involves using the format or ideas of another without directly copying their words.


There are numerous ways that cheating can occur. Cheating could involve copying another student’s test answers, having answers accessible in a way that violates the rules, or even accessing questions for an exam before it is given. Many forms of misconduct could fall under cheating but not every instance is grounds for automatic punishment. Sometimes, cheating involves collaborating with peers in a study group, which is problematic for courses identified as non-collaboration classes.

Falsifying Records

One of the most serious forms of academic misconduct is the falsification of school records. This could occur when a student is placed in a position of trust that gives them access to student records or through online hacking attempts. Falsifying records could include altering grades or deleting disciplinary records. We have represented individuals who are accused of falsifying records and have been criminally charged with tampering with records – a felony in some situations.


Impersonation is not a common occurrence on campuses but it is a serious accusation when it does occur. A student might pay another individual to impersonate them during tests or exams. While this is more common with online courses, in-person classes could also face impersonation issues, especially if the class is in a large lecture hall with dozens of students. Both parties could be at risk in this type of situation.

Consequences of Academic Misconduct

For many students at colleges and universities, the consequences of academic misconduct could be steep. Students who are found to have cheated could receive failing grades for those specific classes. Disciplinary proceedings could also have far-reaching consequences, including suspension, the loss of scholarships, or limits on extracurricular activities. In the most serious cases, a college or university can expel a student or even bars them from obtaining a diploma they otherwise qualify for.

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It is important to remember that students have the right to defend themselves against allegations of academic misconduct in Columbus with help from a lawyer. Before they face these sanctions, they are entitled to notice and an opportunity to be heard during a disciplinary hearing. While these hearings can sometimes be difficult to defend, it can be possible to obtain a successful outcome with the help of a legal professional. KJK can also assist with reputation management if the charge is serious enough that it makes news or spreads outside of the school administration.

Contact a Columbus Academic Misconduct Attorney to Protect Your Rights

If you are a student who is currently face accusations of academic misconduct, or you are the parent of a student who is, now is the time to act. With an aggressive defense, you could push back on these allegations and protect your academic future. You do not have to face these challenges alone. Reach out to a Columbus academic misconduct lawyer today to learn how we can prepare you for these disciplinary actions.

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COVID-19: Cheating & Plagiarism

Allegations of cheating and plagiarism are skyrocketing due to virtual learning environments imposed by COVID-19. If you’ve been accused of academic misconduct during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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