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Many students use their college experience to encounter new social circles, sometimes causing them to engage in risky or illegal behaviors. However, violating university policies and/or being charged with a crime in college can have devastating consequences on a young person’s academic and professional future. If you are being investigated for violating a university policy or committing a criminal offense on campus, a Columbus student defense lawyer can help guide you through the process and advocate for you at a disciplinary hearing.

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Faculty Member or Graduate Student?

If you are a faculty member or graduate student who has been accused of research misconduct, learn more about how our Academic & Scientific Research Misconduct group can help.

If necessary, a seasoned attorney can also act as legal counsel in the event that criminal charges are filed against you. There is a wide range of campus misconduct infractions that can occur, from minor infractions to severe policy violations. Examples include: theft, alcohol and drug abuse, destruction of property, and sexual assault or rape.

Penalties for student misconduct can include suspension, expulsion, probation, written reprimand, and occasionally the need to pay restitution. In response to some policy violations, schools may also require counseling.

To handle many of these incidents of misconduct, colleges have their internal procedures, which can be challenging to navigate and inherently unfair for a respondent. A student defense attorney experienced in college hearings in Columbus can press the administration to protect the student’s rights.

Consequences for College Criminal Charges

Sometimes one mistake can result in criminal exposure. When a college student is facing criminal charges, the implications can be wide-reaching. Aside from fines or jail time, a criminal conviction can have a detrimental impact on a person’s education, financial aid, future employment, graduate school application, professional licensing, future employment, and housing opportunities.

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1219 Hearings in Columbus

Under the Ohio Campus Disruption Act, a student accused of crimes of violence, such as assault and rape, can be subject to a “1219 hearing.” the purpose of a 1219 hearing is to remove students from campus who may be a threat to the safety of the student body.

Hearings occur with little advance notice and result in strict probation or suspension from school pending the outcome of the criminal case. Fortunately, a student has the right to be represented by counsel, present evidence, and question witnesses. The burden of proof is the preponderance of the evidence. Consulting with an experienced Columbus student defense attorney before such a hearing is critical in order to increase the odds of success.

College Sex Crime/Rape Allegations

College hearings have the power to penalize a student based merely on allegations. In rape cases, an official statement is only taken from the accuser, allegations are often not thoroughly investigated, and DNA evidence can sometimes be improperly collected or omitted entirely. Many hearings do not strictly follow the university’s own guidelines and it is not unheard of for a hearing to occur before the respondent even has time to consult with an attorney.

Everyone who is accused of a crime should be afforded due process and a fair hearing, but that does not always happen in a college hearing for rape cases. A qualified student defense lawyer in Columbus could help someone accused of campus rape or sexual assault by ensuring fairness and due process in a university hearing.


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College offenses and violations can have severe and life-altering consequences. If you have been accused of college campus misconduct or a criminal offense, a Columbus student defense lawyer could help you fully understand your situation so you are prepared and protected. Call a KJK lawyer immediately in order to discuss your case.

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COVID-19: Cheating & Plagiarism

Allegations of cheating and plagiarism are skyrocketing due to virtual learning environments imposed by COVID-19. If you’ve been accused of academic misconduct during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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– Successfully defended a pre-med undergraduate student for alleged cheating on a physics lab report and showed that the professor had made a critical error in basic mathematics

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They helped me resolve an extremely difficult academic dishonesty accusation case against me at the university level. They had helpful ideas and were persistent in making sure my defense was the best it could be. They were creative in their way of utilizing outside resources that helped achieve a positive outcome. Good, prompt responses to my questions. I highly recommend them!