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The term “campus misconduct” is broad and could refer to a wide range of allegations. Some forms of campus misconduct are minor, resulting in only minor sanctions for the student. Other allegations are more serious and could result in criminal charges in addition to academic consequences. In these situations, a skilled attorney from KJK can provide necessary counsel.

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Faculty Member or Graduate Student?

If you are a faculty member or graduate student who has been accused of research misconduct, learn more about how our Academic & Scientific Research Misconduct group can help.

If you have been accused of wrongdoing while on a school campus, contact a campus misconduct lawyer. The student discipline system can move quickly, and a failure to act in a timely fashion could put you at a severe disadvantage. A Columbus campus misconduct lawyer can offer important legal assistance.

Common Examples of Campus Misconduct

There are countless examples of actions that could violate a school’s code of conduct. These codes are not uniform, meaning it is possible that an act of misconduct at one school might not necessarily result in student discipline at another. A campus misconduct lawyer in Columbus can help a student understand whether the allegations against them could constitute violations of a school’s code of conduct. Some common instances of misconduct include:

  • Noise violations
  • Cheating
  • Trespassing
  • Vandalism
  • Cyber violations
  • College organization misconduct
  • Possession of alcohol
  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Harassment
  • Sexual assault
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While some of these offenses are not necessarily illegal, others are considered criminal acts. For that reason, certain student disciplinary proceedings could also occur simultaneous to criminal prosecution for the same conduct.

Disciplinary Hearings

A student conduct disciplinary hearing is significantly different from a criminal trial. While both of these processes can result in significant consequences for the accused student, most universities do not provide the same rights to the accused in student disciplinary hearings as compared to individuals facing criminal prosecution.

A campus misconduct attorney in Columbus ensures the rules are followed and that a student accused of wrongdoing is treated fairly.

The Consequences of Misconduct

Students who are found to have violated a school’s code of conduct could face a number of consequences, the most serious being expulsion from the college if the conduct is serious enough. For students nearing graduation, the school could also refuse to confer a degree or delay graduation in other ways.

There are also less severe sanctions that are commonly assessed during the disciplinary process. Schools have also been known to bar students from taking part in extracurricular activities or require them to move out of campus housing. In some instances, a student may lose scholarship opportunities.

It is worth noting that these consequences only result from a finding of misconduct. If a student is able to prevail at their hearing, they will avoid any of these potential consequences.


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Discuss Your Options with a Columbus Campus Misconduct Attorney

Allegations of wrongdoing can be a dark cloud over a student’s head during their academic career. However, it is possible to defend against these accusations during a disciplinary hearing. The right attorney can develop a successful defense at a student disciplinary hearing and serve as an advisor during the entire ordeal. Contact a Columbus campus misconduct lawyer to learn how we can help you during this difficult time.

Important to Know:

COVID-19: Cheating & Plagiarism

Allegations of cheating and plagiarism are skyrocketing due to virtual learning environments imposed by COVID-19. If you’ve been accused of academic misconduct during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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for me during my allegation process. Susan and Kristina were extremely knowledgeable and passionate toward my specific case. They consistently had steps of action to take in my defense and were extremely flexible when working with me. They helped prepare me, both mentally and emotionally, prior to my hearing. Thanks to their hard work, I now have my future back.”

– Successfully defended a pre-med undergraduate student for alleged cheating on a physics lab report and showed that the professor had made a critical error in basic mathematics

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They helped me resolve an extremely difficult academic dishonesty accusation case against me at the university level. They had helpful ideas and were persistent in making sure my defense was the best it could be. They were creative in their way of utilizing outside resources that helped achieve a positive outcome. Good, prompt responses to my questions. I highly recommend them!